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    Additional Details Tab Configuration

    TimDensmore Apprentice

      In the Incident Layout, there is a tab called "Additional Details" that displays subtypes of Incident.Details, such as Incident.Detail.LaptopDepot. I've created a new type, and I've defined the form within the additional details tab so when that type is chosen, it shows the correct form -- the issue is I don't know where the trigger is to cause linking of Incident.Detail object.


      These objects are linked automatically based upon choosing a Category, but I can't seem to find where exactly this trigger is happening -- either in rules or in the layout. When I choose a Category of Laptop Depot, the Incident.Detail.LaptopDepot object is automatically linked and shows up in the Additional Details tab.


      I've looked through all of the Incident Business Rules and all of the Incident.Detail Business Rules and there's nothing that defines what object to link based upon a Category chosen. I want to add new Incident.Detail types to link upon choosing a Category.


      Does anyone have an idea of where to look for this kind of configuration?