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    LDMS Mobile Security - Disable Camera on Android

    Rodlin Rookie

      Trying to disable the Camera on managed Android Mobile devices.. The following were the current setting

      - LDMS Core Server 2017-3 with 45 day trial license (supposely all functionalities were activated)

      - two Android Mobile devices (Xiaomi A1(OS 8.1.0), OPPO A73(OS 7.1).1)

      - modified the Tools>Configure>Agent Setting>All Agent Setting>Mobility>Mobile Security>Android Restrictions>Device Functionality to uncheck the "Allow Camera" under all tabs…


      - issued "Mobile Sync" to update the newly modified Agent Security settings delivered onto these two managed mobile devices

      - these two mobile devices also showed "MDM Sync Success"

      - but I still could launch the App using Camera on these two cellphone

      My question were

      - whether this "Allow Camera" Android Device Restriction had any Mobile device brand/model preferences for working properly

      - if yes, any suggested brand/model list

      - any ways to fix and/or to trouble-shoot this issue further

      - any other comments/suggestions/documentations available..