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    Machines without X Software

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      I am attempting to create a dashboard that shows our current security landscape. One of the components I'd like to display is count of machines that do not have a specific application installed. However, when I do that, instead of giving me the count of computers, if gives me the count of applications that do not match that defined name, even when selecting computer count from group components. Was curious if anyone else has had luck with this, and if so, what did you set your filter to?

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          When you try to report on Machines and their applications the resulting query that Xtraction creates is going to start with a pairing of each machine with each application installed on it.  If you then filter on all "application does not equal such-and-such-application", it will reduce the list to all other applications installed on each machine.  If you are then getting a count, you will have the count of applications not equal to such-and-such installed on each machine.  This is the behavior you described, and obviously not the results you are looking for.


          So, you have to phrase the question in a way that leads Xtraction to build the correct type of query you are looking for.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to first get a list of computers that DO have the application installed, and then ask Xtraction to return a count of machines NOT on that list.  This is accomplished with a Subquery Filter.


          Add a Subquery Filter.  In the filter conditions within the Subquery Filter, add "Application equals such-and-such".  This will result in a list of machine/application pairs where the only application included is "such-and-such".  Then, set the Subquery to "Not In".  Now, you will get machines not in the list of machines with such-and-such.

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            Thanks! that did the trick