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    Loading HEAT homepage/ service manager from an html file as an iframe

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      we have the same problem like in https://community.ivanti.com/thread/61058 discussed.


      we want to show the heat homepage / service manager in classic ui in an iframe of our intranet.

      but it doesnt work.

      the login page of heat will be shown in the iframe and we can login.

      after this we can choose the role.

      then the loading graphic will appear and never disappears, thus the manager does not get loaded.


      we have the option "allow framing" activated, but it doesn't helps.


      if we implemend the heat mobile ui in the iframe all works fine, but we really need the classic ui.

      does anyone have a tip?


      we use currently following version:

      Ivanti Service Manager

      1. 2017.3.1000.31399 @ 3/15/2018