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    Service Request performance / thresholds for form data question

    nick2 Apprentice

      We have a new hire process that we have built in Service Request that is extremely involved. To give a better description we’re about 474 Data elements deep in the form along with 138 blocks in the Fulfillment workflow of which is spawns 38 Invoke workflow blocks depending on the selections. My concern is, have we left any thresholds in our wake? It is taking 25 to 60 seconds to load request details for these requests. Even though what was selected could be a small number of data elements selected. If you print it, it is 54 pages long. When we first went live we did not have this long a delay in loading. But as time has progressed (8 months) this is now very noticeable. We went through the tuning guide and did not find much out of place Database wise. No new indexes were needed and I have also incorporated the archive workflow with some modifications and cleaned up a lot of non-transactional records. I was trying to avoid Archiving ticket records just yet but am running out of obvious options. One thing I did notice in some of the objects is an exclamation point on the Index. Just opening these objects prompts to save upon exit. And when hovered over the Index tab the following appears. "Indexing has differences between metadata and database". Just thought this was worth mentioning. ver 2016.2.1 Premise