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    Anyone ever get this error "Please re-configure the control to use updated validation list" when trying to view a Service Request?

    AllenV Apprentice

      We had a service request we called PCs, Accessories & Misc. Hardware.  We have been modifying it and split it into two different service requests one for PCs & Accessories (modified old request offering) and one for Misc. Hardware (created new request offering).  One of the modifications we did was on a pick list called ComputerAccessories where we changed the Value to ItemName instead of Price because it was submitting additional items with the same matching price.  In Prod, I marked the PCs, Accessories & Misc. Hardware as Design and then deleted it.  I then imported the modified one called PCs & Accessories.  However, now when I try to open previously submitted PCs, Accessories & Misc. Hardware service requests, I get the following error and the Parameters tab is not displaying correctly.  Sometimes it is blank and sometimes it shows what was opened previously.  Submitters and approvers also cannot see the details of the service request they submitted or need to approve.  I am sick that we did not test opening an existing PCs, Accessories & Misc. Hardware service request in TEST because the same error shows up there as well. Is there a setting in the database that looks at when a Request Offering was saved versus when a validation list was saved?  I'm hoping it is an easy fix so that we can see our old service requests.

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