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    OS Provisioning on UEFI-Dell Latitude 5490/5590

    mreuit Rookie

      We have started getting in the new Latitude 5490 and 5590 laptops, noticed that they now only allow legacy external devices. My image templates kick off fine but when they reboot I get 'No bootable devices found'!


      I have enabled 'Always boot UEFI devices' in the preboot settings, injected the dell drivers into the boot.wim and boot_x64.wim, redeployed PXE servers and still nothing.


      Created a brand new template, used variations of templates that work with all previous. I have tried various different BIOS settings, RAID on, AHCI, secure boot off, nothing! What have I missed!?


      I'm in a sticky situation, new starters etc piling up...... Help appreciated!