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    Reboots in Office 2007 push


      Has anyone had the problem of not being able to suppress the reboot after a push of Office 2007 Standard? We have made an MSP file using OCT, following the guidelines from the BKM article. We included SETUP_REBOOT with a value of ALWAYS in the Modify Setup properties when creating the package in OCT. For good measure after no success with a supression we included the line  <Setting Id="SETUP_REBOOT" Value="ALWAYS" /> in the config.xml file in the Standard.WW folder. Still the PC reboots after install.

      We have tried using Batch distribution, and EXE. Trying both a URL and UNC path.

      We modified a Push delivery method to Never Reboot.

      Still we have reboots after installation.

      Using LDMS 8.8 sp1

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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          This doesn't really answer your question but having just deployed almost 1000 upgrades of 2003 --> 2007, the main issue I had was keeping users out of any Office products, particularly Outlook during the install.  This product really prefers being installed as current user so we opted to do this during the day instead of a scheduled push in the evening.  However, running as local system also works, but overall better luck when running as current user.  We tried that way and found that when most staff left for the evening, you'd be surpised of how many people (no matter what previous notifcation that were sent to them) actually leave for the night and leave themselves not only logged in, but a large percentage still leave with Outlook open and a half written email still sitting on their desktop - go figure.  This really reaks havoc on the Mapi32 stuff during the upgrade. This being said, 1) our highest success was dploying via the Software Deployment portal and let the users fire it off.  We built the MSP with just the Basic GUI and no ability to cancel.  and 2) fire off a 30 minute prompt to give them time to restart and if they are not present, (or the prompt is accepted), immediately follow with a push, using the basic UI just to show progress.  It finishes with the MS GUI prompting a reboot or go to the Website to get updates.  Then..  about 1 hour later another task runs to restart the PC again. This all happens between 1 and 5am and most are successful.  If the user/PC does not restart, this usually results in several help calls in the AM.  My vote is let it restart if you have that option. Regards, Rich