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    Editing list view in a dashboard that is linked to MyItems.

    daniel_tfg Apprentice

      Hi all


      I have a dashboard that is linked to MyItem but I would like to change the headings as highlighted below.



      The dashboard Special Part looks like below when I try and edit it.



      So what I have tried is to go into the Lists in the MyItem business object and edit from there.  These are setup to as seen below so I'm assuming the MyItems view in the dashboard and the MyItems business object differ?


      My two questions are:


      1:  Can the headings in the MyItems dashboard view be edited and if so how?  I can rename the dashboard heading with no problem but can't find where to edit the field names.

      2:  Currently the Subject field is clickable to open a record from the MyItem grid view.  I have modeled the other fields on Subject and the hyperlink line does come up when I hover my mouse over the other fields, but they do not open the record when I click on them.

      I've tried several different options on the other fields but not luck.


      Below are the properties of the Subject field that does open when I click on it.



      Thanks in advance for any assistance