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    How to associate bar code scanner

    asuckiel Apprentice

      I am looking for instructions of details how the add a barcode scanner to our inventory.


      I am able to get a barcode scanner to scan and enter the service tag in a excel sheet, I am looking to connect it to the webform if that i seven possible.



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup



          When you talk about webforms are you talking about Data Analytics on it's web forms? Generally a barcode scanner just enters the value that it has scanned into the selected field on a form on the PC (if that's what its connected to) or the selected field on it's own screen if it is a smarter scanner. What kind of scanner are you using and in what scenario?


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            asuckiel Apprentice

            Thank You i was unaware that the bar code scanner would populate the field on the webforms.