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    How can I identify and close active sessions, and why aren't they timing out?

    mbath61 Apprentice

      Please see questions and both screenshots below.


      License Manager is showing two sessions on HeatSM in Production landscape. Both are my log ins..

      • User mbath is a named user, shy does it show as a Concurrent license type?
      • User frs.admin was me, could I  lost my VPN and the session stayed live?
      • Is there any way from here to log that session off?
        If not, where should I do this



      Please note that Ops Console below is showing 15 and 29 active sessions

      • Where can I identify these sessions and shut them off?
      • Why is my 90 minute timeout not shutting them down?
      • All of the session for the CentralConfigs should be me how are they still running?
        I do not have multiple browsers open with them running