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    Reg Key check via Landesk Query

    MajorNugat Rookie

      Hi there,


      I got a request to do a query via landesk to check if a regkey is set or not. in our company we use the Landesk Mgmt Suite 2016 Version

      I also checked here in the community, but I found nothing that works. The thing is that we don´t got is the LdAppl3.template, only the LdAppl3.template.bak

      That is a backup file but the original is missing. So is it possible to write directly in the .ini file?


      And how I can setup the query to check all the installed system in Landesk. For me it is not clear.


      I will appreciate  each answer cause I´m completely new in this Landesk thing. Or maybe you know a similar article.


      Thanks in advance


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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi "Augustinerfan", :-)


          the ldappl3.XXX is moved to the database. You don't have to modify this on file base any longer. You can scan for registry keys when you navigate to "Manage software list" under "Reporting/Monitoring" and configure the registry keys you like to add to the inventory. I'm not sure if it is still needed but when you are ready with configuration, you have to click the little icon in the icon bar "Make available to Clients". Then do an inventory scan on a client that has this registry key configured and check the inventory.


          And to you second question, I'm not sure what you mean because every device that you see under all devices are Clients with an Ivanti Agent. You don't have to query for them.


          Hope it helps.


          Kind regards



          By the way, I will move you post to the right location, because you opened it under query design for LANDesk Servicedesk, and not for the Endpoint Manager.

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            If you do what Christian suggests then you are adding a registry to be scanned for and entered into the inventory for ALL of your clients. It is a global setting. What you will need to do is wait until all of your devices have performed a scan to collect the information. In 'Manage Scripts' you should have an 'inventoryscanner' script. This contains commands that tell a client to update its LDAPPL file. If you take that and add a /F or a /SYNC then it will force a software scan and should collect your information.


            One thing to remember as well is that this will probably be new inventory information and therefore will probably get blocked by 'Unknown Items'. In the console on your Core Server got to Configure - Services - Inventory - Unknown Items and in there choose to Allow your new data type.


            You need to test this step by step. Add the registry to be scanned, force a scan on one machine, see if the data needs to be Allowed and then scan again to make sure it appears in the inventory. If this is the first time you've done this in can take a few attempts to get it to work as you get used to how it all connects.


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