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    patch and compliance selection


      I need to download patches for Office 2013 and I was wondering if there is a way to see what would be downloaded if I was to set up the download definitions a certain way.  I have rollout jobs setup and I want to see what updates would I get if I put Product as Office 2013 and Definition type and severity at All types and Any level before sending those updates into those update rollout projects.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          In short - "probably" (quick answer is "yes" - longer answer is "depends on what you're after").


          Will require SQL skills / access though.


          You could resolve the patch names - VUL_ID-s - (in the VULNERABILITY table) against their VULNERABILITY_IDN value.


          Once you have that, you "just" do select against the PATCH table (with your list of VULNERABILITY_IDN's as a filter) and that's a basic starting point for what to expect.


          See this article as a starting point -- Getting started with Patch Reporting (SQL, Tables & such) -- to familiarise yourself with some key concepts.


          There's a bunch of fine-tuning that could be done, but it's a simple enough point to get you started at least.