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    Provisioning: could not get credentials for preferred server

    Stefano_ Apprentice

      hello, i have the below problem with provisioning:

      If i scheduled the template and start the task ALWAYS the template fails ( in deploy image step ) and in the log file maptopreferredhandler.log i get this error:

      could not get credentials for preferred server

      If i follow the below steps everithing go fine:


      Alternate Method to Start a Provisioning Template on a Computer

      For this method, skip the following sections of this document:

      Add Devices to be Imaged

      Schedule the Template and Start the Task

      Network Boot the Devices and Wait for the Task to Complete


      1. If the computers all do a BIOS boot then you can skip to step 3. If the devices do a UEFI boot, Click Preboot | PXE Boot Options in the Operating system provisioning tool.



      2. Make sure there is a check in the Always PXE Boot UEFI Devices and click Save.



      3. Network boot (PXE boot) the computer and click F8 when it shows on the screen. Refer to the computers manual if you need help PXE booting it.



      4. Select WinPE Provisioning and hit Enter on the keyboard.



      5. WINPE is downloading from the PXE Representative. The IP address shown is the IP address of the PXE Representative.



      6. WINPE has downloaded and is now starting on the computer.



      7. Enter the Domain, Username and Password for an account that has rights to provisioning in the LANDESK Console. Use the same account that you login with to the LANDESK Console.

      8. Click OK.




      For solve the problem i have tried everything that i found in the ivanti troubleshooting, but nothing solve the issue.


      My company come from Microsoft SCCM and if i must be honest Ivanti give a lot problem respect SCCM: could be possible that we will leave this product asap.


      I ask help for solve this issue.


      many thanks