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    Drop down menu

    JohnO Specialist

      Hi Everyone!


      Just came back from hiatus! I need your help once more. Is there a way to control a certain drop down menu let say..."Location". I would like to find a way to control the drop down Location menu on CI or Asset Window to only show certain locations like IT-Closet-Location1, IT-Closet-Location2, and so on. This way, our help desk technician will be forced to pick where the CI/Asset is stored.


      Any help is always appreciated!



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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          JohnO You can always filter dropdown list data using a filter query on the attrbute concerned ( ie the location field on the CI object).  Your examples seem to be based on a hardcoded list of values or are you wanting the criteria to be based on some sort of runtime criteria?



          MarXtar Ltd

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            JohnO Specialist

            Hi Julian,


            I was thinking of doing a runtime but one side of me is telling me that I don't want the techs to be too spoiled(or lazy) for not changing the drop down menu to the correct location where the equipment is will be stored from their sites. What would you suggest?