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    Modifying the format of Scheduled Reports


      Can anyone tell me if it is possible to modify the format of Scheduled Reports. They attach as a HTML document, and from what I gather they inherit the CSS from ServiceDesk entitiled ReportMedium.css (or ReportSmall.css or ReportLarge.css


      If I modify this CSS, will that modify the report format? If so, does this need to be modified on my local client, the web server or every client install?


      I'm not keen to try and modify this without knowing first the implications of such a change and whether A) modifying my client files will work OR B) modifying these files anywhere will actually have any effect.



      Hadyn Dawson

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          It will affect the report and will need to be changed on all the clients.  I believe LANDesk provide these style sheets as OOTB box versions so any changes would need to be done carefully and the old style sheets copied back in case of any issues.  Any new releases would also overright the changed files, so some careful site documentation might be the order of the day too!

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            There is also another place to modify them. At present, scheduled reports actually send out a report generated from a query, but you cannot send out a preconfigured/formatted report designed in Q&R Designer.


            You can however, manually mail this out (Right-click the report and click Email Report) and you can control the style and formatting of this emailed report by modifying the CSS located on the App Server, under Program File\LANDesk\LANDesk Applications.


            You also need to edit the local client copy to match this CSS as well otherwise when you run the report locally, the formatting will not match.