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    Looking for Business Object to track work space (e.g, office vs cubicle vs training room) information

    EKrzys Rookie

      I am looking to either create or update an object to track information about a particular space (office, cubicle, training room etc.)  I want to track the CIs that are assigned to that space rather than those that are assigned to a particular person.  For instance, we give a laptop to a person; however, a phone stays with the space.  This space would have an address (office#), floor, type (office, cubicle).


      I'm inclined to create a new object; however, if there is somewhere within the system that already exists, I'd prefer to start there.


      Has anyone done this and did you start from scratch or did you start with an existing business object?  What types of things do you track in this space?


      Any guidance would be helpful.