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    Cannot Select Instance for IvantiSM database in Push - Ops Console

    DodiyIBS Apprentice

      I had created three sql server instances in one development database server as in Option D7 diagram. My plan is to split the databases exactly as in diagram.

      The instances are:

      1. SQLCONFIGDB - This instance will have ConfigDB STG, ConfigDB UAT, Metrics CacheDB databases.
      2. SQLIVANTISMSTG - this instance will have IvantiSM STG and ReportDB STG databases.
      3. SQLIVANTISMUAT - This instance will have IvantiSM UAT and ReportDB UAT databases.


      When do Push in Ops Console from Production to Staging, there is no option to select the staging instance (SQLIVANTISMSTG). The target DB Server only list the configdb instance. When completed, The IvantiSM database had been created under SQLCONFIGDB instance instead in staging instance.


      Do I miss some steps?



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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi DodiyIBS,


          The SQL instance is implicit in the Target Landscape being set.  I think perhaps your landscape definition is set to have the ISM DB in the same SQL Instance as the ConfigDB.  This would be a normal OOTB setup so unless you've edited the Landscapes to meet this particular use case it's not going to know you want anything different.  The Landscape Tab in Ops console is where I'd recommend you make the needed changes.


          Does that make sense?