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    Print Incoming Email from Journal

    cw30755 Apprentice

      We are trying to incorporate an old toner request web form into our Help Desk system.  We changed the address to our listener address and the incidents are getting logged properly, but we also need the ability to print off the original incoming request (saved in the description as well as in the journal as an incoming email.  I would love to be able to automate this as much as possible for our Help Desk staff, but at this point I would even be happy to add a print button to the Incoming email view in the journal.  We still need the paper copy of the request so it can be attached to the box of toner and delivered to or picked up by the appropriate person.


      Any advice or assistance is greatly appreciated.  Attaching a screen shot for clarity.



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          DTurner Expert

          Hi cw30755,


          Not sure if this is possible, at least in this way, as I believe the standard print quick actions are actually a report.

          So, presumably, you'd need to create a report to use a similar method to the other quick actions. I'd be interested in knowing if you manage to resolve this - most printing services associate an email with the printer, so perhaps that could be one workaround.