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    Telnet not responding after "Networ Out-of-range"


      Hi all,


      we have recently faced issue with our TelnetCE that we are using on Datalogic barcode scanners. Issue is as follow:

      when we are using WEB emulation in TelnetCE and we are walking inside our manufacturing area we are receiving "Network Out-of-range" popup when we are switching from one access point to another. This message is displayed for 1-2 seconds and in most cases when it is gone we can continue our work in the system. Unfortunately sometimes when "Network Out-of-range" message is gone, scanner is becoming frozen - we are trying to click anything in the system but we don't get any response and when we are trying to refresh the page in TelnetCE we are receiving "web page unavailable". Then if we will try to disconnect session and reconnect again we are once again receiving "web page unavailable" (but we have good connection as signal indicator is showing full, green signal strength). The only way to get scanner working is to reboot it.


      We have already executed several activities to solve the issue but nothing is helping:

      - we have updated firmware on the scanners to latest version

      - we have executed wifi audit to double check that this is not a network issue

      - we have changed and tested several settings in WiFi card configuration (in Summit Configuration Utility) to limit the number of situation when scanner is moving between access points.

      - we have also disabled "Network support" option in Telnet configuration (section "Emulation"->"Network") but this change is only not displaying popup - instead of it we have progress bar that is loading and then after several seconds we have "frozen scanner"


      So after all those actions we know that TelnetCE is sometimes hanging up when it is loosing network connection. As we have wireless devices we will never get rid of situation when devices are moving between access points or when they are travelling in areas where there is no WiFi signal, so now we would like to configure Telnet to work stable in those situations.

      Does anyone faced same or similar issues? Or does anyone have any ideas what more we can change to get rid of "frozen scanners"?


      Thanks for any reply!