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    How to get Master Incident to work?

    NPT_Matthlock Apprentice

      Using On Premises, 2017.2


      Hi guys,


      New to all this and just finding my feet with configuring ISM ready to go live, so please be nice.


      I'm trying to setup and wrap my head around using Master Incidents, as I think it is something that would be very useful to us, but I can't get it to work properly when trying to update related incidents - it just doesn't seem to do anything!


      I've found a thread on the forum - Master Incident resolved - copy status, resolution does not work  - which seems to relate to what I'm trying to do, and upon checking the Business Rule for 'Update Master's Related Incident Resolution' the action to run is indeed set to an ID of b29ed4ae-9bd5-4430-9037-e84253aad482 instead of the corresponding Quick Action.

      I do have a Quick Action called Copy from Master to Related Incidents, was well as another one called Update Related Incident, but the latter does not have any action to run set in it and hence does not work.  Am I right in saying that Copy from Master to Related Incidents is the correct action to use in the Business Rule?  And if I want to update more fields in the linked incidents, such as Journal entry, I can just edit the BS?


      However the big question is - is this like this out of the box?  I've recently done the administrator training course and when checking on the training system (which is Cloud 2018.1) the Quick Action is the same.


      Feeling a bit confused...



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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          The quick actions will show a RecId if the quick action is set to not show in UI. 


          Have you turned on the Master Incident functionality in the Global Constants?  If it is not turned on then the function will not work.


          • Open the AdminUI
          • Scroll down to Build > Global Constants
          • Find Show Master Incident Feature and set it to True



          Once this is done the core functionality works.  There is one change I usually make which is to add the Link and Unlink buttons to the related Incident Tabs (Pre version 2018.1)

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            NPT_Matthlock Apprentice

            Hi Alasdair,


            The Show Master Incident Feature is set to true - I did this after reading the help and this enabled the relevant tick boxes, etc.

            I'm able to set an Incident to be a master so I know that's working OK, but I still think there is an issue with the BS.  The "Copy from Master..." BS was indeed set to hidden, which supports what you said about showing the RecID in the BS, but it's still not triggering.


            For troubleshooting, I set the Quick Action to show, and it seems to update the service and category if I manually run it, but not a change of owner.  The other thing I noticed is that the BS only triggers when the "Update Related Incident" tick box is unticked and then re-ticked - I've tested this and the service / category fields update - which seems a bit pointless to me. Surely it should trigger on ANY change IF the incident is a master?

            I've tried it with the Object Event : On Update checkbox ticked and this seems to trigger properly now, even the owner is being updated (if it is blank, as per QA).

            But is this behaviour broke out of the box or somehow we've broke it?


            As for the unlink / link buttons, these were missing but I figured I did something when cloning and editing layouts, so I had already added those back in.

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              DTurner Expert

              Hi Matthlock,


              Don't think you have broke it!

              It's like looking into the past - our team had no end of trouble with master incidents (still want to make it a bit more user friendly...) too and we also added the trigger for object update. For consistency, it may be worth checking another trigger 'Update Master Detail to Newly Linked Child Incident' (I'm somewhat confident this is OOTB). From what we looked at, this was the intial QA that ran on a link event, then the other QA updated it on modification.

              We disabled the resolution trigger and just incorporated it into the standard 'Copy Master Detail' QA.


              Happy to discuss further if you like - can't promise what we've done is ideal though

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                NPT_Matthlock Apprentice

                I think I got it working after changing the trigger on the update BR and the resolved BR, when updating the object.  This seems to now update the default fields when saving the master incident.

                I'm still a little unsure what the 'Update Related Incidents' checkbox does since things seem to get updated whether it's ticked or not, but I haven't played with it a lot since I think the related incidents should always be updated.


                I won't know 100% for sure until I get people to test it fully, but at least it seems to be doing what I'm expecting it to.

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                  DTurner Expert

                  With regards to the 'Update Related Incidents' checkbox, we set it up so this is required for an update.

                  The initial link trigger has the following conditional:

                  $([link:MasterIncidentLink]IsMasterIncident &&   [link:MasterIncidentLink]IsRelatedIncidentUpdate &&   Status not in ("Cancelled",  "Closed"))


                  And the standard update trigger:

                  I set this up as it can take a while to update esp. when there are a lot of child records so I normally advise people ensure they are happy with the master details then check 'Update Related Incidents'. If you're happy with the default update, then that's great -  tailoring to your own specific needs should always be a consideration. Glad you solved the issue in the end