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    Landesk deploy Agent failed

    jlelong Apprentice

      Hi there ,


      i Scheduled a push of the full agent to my client machines using the scheduler service credentials for the other DC ( i have 2 different DC but they communicate well with each other. ) , till here everything going well , I've been very successful in deploying the agent for some of the machines but not all of theme .


      so, every time I re-run the task they failed again and again for the same machines, tried to rediscover  theme and  rescheduled theme but does not work.

      the traffic is enabled on the firewall , but i think that i have something wrong on the network .


      However , i'm just wondering if there is way to deploy the agent by using a GPO , but only for the failed machine not for all of the network machines ???


      Management Console : V10.1.30.401

      Methode of agent deploy : Push Method ( classic agent )


      Hope Get Answer

      Thnk uuu