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    EPM Agent causing Windows authentication problems?

    JacobTucker Rookie

      Has anyone encountered Windows authentication problems on this particular model device using this m.2 SSD in terms of having installed the EPM agent?


      Make/Model: HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Desktop Mini PC

      m.2 SSD: NVMe KXG50ZNV256g (We mention this hardware / architecture because this is new to our organization)


      We have limited information, but this is the issue: A certain area in our organization has deployed a new kind of mini PC and they are experiencing Windows authentication problems. Multicast and delta scan traffic has been spotted in the network logs. Could this be the reason there are authentication problems? Is there any scenario where having an EPM agent installed that works on thousands of workstations, but cause latency and Windows authentication problems on this particular kind of device?


      Like I said, I know this is very limited information, just shooting in the dark to see if you guys may have encountered this before.