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    EPM Agent and Thinclients - What do "you" do?

    JacobTucker Rookie

      When it comes to thinclient devices and Vulnerability scanning, what do you guys do?

           Thinclients have limited disk space, patching them would not be an option.

           Do you run vulnerability scans on them?

           How do you guys handle thinclients and Vulnerabilities?


      Our VDI administrator has agreed to install the our EPM Agent on the Gold Star VDI Image, but needs to remove the agent 100% cleanly before cloning out non-persistant VM's. This way, we can run inventory and Vulnerability scanning on the master image then rest assured that all clones are without vulnerability. Do you guys utilize this method? What is the best practice for this kind of set up?


      Bonus question:

      Our thinclients are wiped to a pristine state each time they are rebooted, will a full scan be performed each time they are rebuilt?