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    ISM 2017.3 - Cannot display Custom Service Request Detail tab/form in MyItems for Mobile Self Service Role

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      We are trying to expose a Service Request Panel/Form (Not the OOTB one but one we created instead) in the Mobile Self Service Role Like one is able to do with Inc and other Objects. We have managed to get it to work for the "Self Service Role" but it does not seem to work for "Mobile Self Service Role". Does anyone know if this is possible?


      It might help to also explain how the requests are being Created: Because we have a few forms being shared by a few Hundred Request & Incidents we chose to use Form Offerings.

      As a result we setup a custom object in order to setup the forms which we use to build the Form Offering. Once submitted the related Template creates the Incident or Service Request Record in the back-end. As a result there is no information on the Service Request Parameters.


      The next step is then to Expose the Service Request Detail (The one we created) screen in the My Items Work-space on the Self Service Portal. Unfortunately this is where we find the challenge.


      I followed the Steps listed below in order to configure the Service Request My Items form.


      1. I set a Custom Form in the Service Request Object
      2. In Roles & Permissions I selected Top Level Tabs
      3. I selected Mobile Self Service Role
      4. In object Service Request
      5. I select Business Object Form
      6. I then selected the form that I Setup


      Mobile Self Service Role

      The result:

      No Service Request Details which i setup (only the OOTB one which is blank but that is because the SR has not Parameters form, so expected)

      I also cant seem to hide the  detail, Cost and Delivery Info is also displayed - which i expected will not be


      I then followed the Same steps for the Self Service Role:

      The result:


      The OOTB Detail Screen Black as expected

      But the Form i setup Displayed Correctly

      Has anyone been able to set this up successfully? or does anyone know if this is possible?