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    Auto Assign Incident Owner

    WFrazi Rookie

      I am trying to come up with a business rule which will automatically assign an owner to an incident once a team has been selected, either round robin or randomly. Is their a recommended way of doing this? I would think so but im having a hard time finding it.

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi WFrazi,


          I've seen someone build this out before.  It's not as easy as a simple Expression as there's now way to get the desired randomness from an expression.  The general approach, as I recall, was to have a custom field on the employee record that tracks how recently that person was assigned a case, then a field on Team that tracks the next person who should get a case.  Whenever a new case is assigned to a team it would fire a triggered rules / workflow (I don't recall which) that would pull in the appropriate Employee as Owner.  This would then update that individual's Employee record to show they had gotten a case at XYZ date/time.  After that there was something on the Team object that would then look at all those employees and evaluate who had gone the longest without getting a case assigned and place that person's information in the "next up for assignment" field on the Team record.


          There's probably better ways to put it together, but that's what I know I've seen working before for this sort of logic.


          I hope this helps!


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