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    Schedule Entry : Cannot create a Service Request or an Incident because 'Object reference is not set to an Object

    rotfogel Rookie

      I want to create a daily schedule in the Schedule Entry B.O. which will create a Service Request, or even an Incident, on a daily basis.  I am trying to use the 'InternalServices' Login/Account to be the 'CreatedBy'.


      I know that there are some required fields for both, such as summary and description for Incident and for the Service Requests.  After cleaning up all the errors for mandatory fields and what not, the only error which I cannot escape is the 'Object not set to a reference' error, which is bad error message in that it is incorrect or the tool doesn't work as intended.  The workflow should be creating the reference listed in the 'Select Object Type', in this case(below) a new Incident.  This is clearly referring the Object using a Reference.


      Yet without fail, and after I know that all the mandatory fields have been accounted for, the error I continue to get is "Object reference not set to an instance of an Object":


      Has anyone successfully created an Incident or a Service Request using the Schedule Entry? If not, is there a better way?