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    Content Replication - No response from agent on target device

    scottgu Rookie

      Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2017.3 = EPM 2017.3


      I have setup a preferred server with a share same name as share on the source

      All the credential tests worked during setup of Preferred Server, Sources,


      When I select "Start content replication now"    i get "Content Replication" "Requesting" then it changes to "Content Replication" "Failed" "No response from agent on target device"


      Hardware and Software Scans work

      Remote control works

      Scheduled tasks to send update to device works.


      I wanted to put this in "Online Support Discussion Group" but I don't have access.

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          bcstring SupportEmployee



            The agent the ore would be reaching out to is that of the Replicator. Replicators must be machines with an Ivanti EPM agent, but preferred servers do not need to have one as they can be any network share even on a NAS or Linux machine.

            I recommend checking your Replicator, locate it in the Inventory and try to tell it to do a Security Scan. This uses the same process as replication (vulscan.exe) and will tell you if there is a communication issue with the client. Also, you can remote into that device directly and kick off a scan to make sure the client is able to talk to the core correctly.