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    Uninstalling Java


      Anyone know how I could uninstall Java?  We have bunches of computers that are not Part 11 compliant with one of our software programs, so we need to uninstall Java to Java 6 v. 11 or below. 


      Some computers have update 12/13/14 and some only have up to 11.  How would I go about uninstalling the newer versions of Java from these computer?


      Thanks everyone.

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          Joshni SupportEmployee

          I have not tried this, but I found it on Sun's website.


          Running InstallShield in Silent Mode: Uninstalling

          This is the command line for uninstalling in silent mode:

          <jre>.exe /s /v "/qn [REBOOT=Suppress]" /x

          where <jre>.exe is the single executable installer for the JRE and REBOOT=Suppress, if used, indicates that if locked files are encountered the computer should not be rebooted.


          j2re-1_4_2-bin-b18-windows-i586-05_mar_2003.exe /s /v "/qn REBOOT=Suppress" /x


          for more info try





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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup

            I am attaching a couple files, one is a .bat file (I renamed to xxx_bat.txt) and another are the commands you could copy to a LANDesk cusom script to remove various versions of Java.



            You could use find & replace to convert the later to a batch file by replacing the REMEXEC commands as seen in my .bat file.


            I have not updated the 'remove all' lately so I know I am missing some Jave 1.5 and 1.6 commands.