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    Failed package deployment of .bat and .reg file

    fsyr Rookie

      I've created a software package .bat that adds a line to the registry and I'm unable to get the package to deploy correctly.  Below are the details


      Create .bat paackage with the following lines


      @echo off
      regedit /s \\sotpits01\ldlogon\deployment_packages\SetAffinity1.reg


      I then have the reg file which both are located in the above location where EVERYONE has read access.  The options of the package as follows:


      PRIMARY FILE:  http://sotpits01/ldlogon/deployment_packages/Registry_fix/SetAffinity1.bat


      ACCOUNTS:  LocalSystem account


      Next, I scheduled the task using PUSH with Emergency Bandwidth and I receive the following error


      "Failed to download all additional files for a package"



      I've checked permissions, location, and script but I must be missing something, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          2 posibilites.

          1: the hash is messed up on the package so it can't download anything. if you right click the package you can select reset package hash. Then try to run it again.


          2: This is most likely the cause.

          The package can't access the share to get the .reg file. You need to add the .reg file as a additional file so it will download the file along with the bat file.  You will also have to adjust the bat file so it looks for the .reg file in the same directory as the the bat file. The file will be downloaded to c:\program files\landesk\ldclient\sdmcache\deployment_patches