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    about Android Phone

    hui.qiudong Rookie

      Hi,I found a question that I connect android phone to my PC by usb port then in my pc can open the phone's storage.

      How can i set then forbid the pc access android phone's storage.

      I  use ivanti  Endpoint Manager 2018.1.

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          karlehenry Apprentice

          This is a good questions and there are a few ways to do this, but from within Ivanti EPM, I would look under MDM Polices since it is integrated.  You would have to set it up, but once you ENROLL your mobile devices, you can deploy polices to them.  I have not done much dabbling in this yet, so not 100 percent sure, and while I am sure you will get a more positive answer, at least you have somewhere to start looking.


          Here is a nice link to help get you started:

          Get started with Mobility Manager

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            Rodlin Rookie

            I did try to enroll a couple Android mobile devices to the LDMS successfully after playing with CSA with a correct 3rd party SSL certificate...

            But it did not work as I expected by trying to Disable the Camera on the registered cellphone... I posted a question to the community asking whether the so called Android device having any preference on Manufacture/Model selection.. However, I got zero responses on my post... I would wish you good luck and please share with us on any success and/or failure...