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    Windows 10 Versions Support


      I cannot find a clear answer on Windows 10 version support for the Endpoint Manager.  This includes remote control, deploying images, deploying software, deploying Windows 10 feature updates, etc.


      We are on IEM 2017.3 with no Service Updates.


      With that said, am I fully supported for Windows 10 1607, 1703, 1709, and 1803?

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          karlehenry Apprentice



          The answer is All flavors.  At least to my knowledge.  We went from 2016.3 from all version of windows flavors to 2017.3 then to 2018.1.  2018.1 obviously adds more support for Windows 10 and future features, but for Software Deployment, provisioning and feature updates you should be good to go as 2017.x adds greater support for patch and compliance.


          Here at my institution we have been on windows 10 for about 4 years now, and range from version 1511 through 1803 and 1607 LTSB with just about 3000 nodes maybe a few 100 or so less.

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            karlehenry is correct.


            When we state "Windows 10" is supported, that means all of the various 1511 -> 1709 -> 1803 builds are supported.


            Where you MAY see variations are in some of the "Windows 10 editions" (there's some specific stuff that comes with some TV's for instance) ... but "build-number" wise, they are all supported.


            If you have problems with a certain build, you can reach out to support for it.

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              OK.  Thank you.  That clears up that question.