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    Configuring Knowledge articles in multi tenant system


      We would like to be able to search Knowledge articles across different tenant instances.

      I've considered Universal Worklist option, but that only shows a dashboard of the Knowledge Objects from different tenants. However my question is whether the end users will be able to search for this Knowledge content across different tenants?

      Has anyone implemented this and what approach was considered?

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            crispr_bacon Apprentice

            As you have a separate database for each tenant you create, you can't search across multiple databases on a single tenant. The Universal worklist should work to some effect, but you'd only be searching that worklist object. You'd still have to go to the other tenant to see the entire KB in the proper formatting as you can't establish any form formatting with the worklist.


            It may be worth setting up an action, when a KB is published, to send all the KB information to the other tenants. The others would be configured to import KB articles through the API, data import, etc. So in theory, you can basically sync KBs across tenants. You could even establish publishing booleans to control which of the other tenants it actually get published to as a part of that workflow.

            You only want published items so it doesn't send out KBs that aren't ready.