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    ivanti EPM 2018.1 Remote Control Bug

    Moraru Apprentice



      we have multiple Remote Control problems, since the update from 2017.3 SU3 to 2018.1


      1. Remote Control on virtual machines blurres the whole view of the user, so that they can't see anything of what the support is doing

      2. If the user has 2 or more monitors only the 1st monitor is mirrored to the support. The second monitor only shows the initial view, but does freeze after starting the remote control. Only the user can see the changes on the second monitor.

      3. The new Remote Control WS only shows 1 monitor. Furthermore seems the mouse cursor to be like 1 cm beside your cursor that you see, so you don't know what you are clicking.

      4. I don't know if it is intended but the Remote Control WS translate the supporters keyboard to the users keyboard. The problem for this is that you dont know the exact keys, if you want to help someone from another country or if you want to help someone with another os, like mac.


      I hope you can help us with those bugs or at least explain us how to configure them right?