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    Service Manager - Unable to assign an incident


      Good Afternoon everyone, we are currently experiencing an odd issue. As service desk analysts we are unable to assign incidents to ourselves. When attempting to do so we receive an error stating


      The following information does not satisfy validation constraints:



      'Default' is not in the validation list of validated field Incident.OwningOrgUnitId.



      Data in the database has changed while you were editing



      Everything was working fine prior to the weekend so im not sure what could have changed. The steps we have taken are basic but they have no resulted in a fix. So far we have

      *Rebooted the Core

      *Rebooted the SmWebSvr

      *Logged in and out


      Our Director of IT was able to assign a ticket to himself so im guessing if its a problem with rights? A little help here would be great and please let me know what else i can attach or provide.


      Thank You