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    Upgrade 2016.3 to 2018.1

    Orlando Daza Apprentice


      I need your recommendations to upgrade LANDESK MANAGEMENT SUITE 2016.3 to ENDPOINT 2018.1 include Patch Manager.


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          karlehenry Apprentice


          While I am not 100 percent sure if there are any pre-requirements in regards to skipping releases, we went from 2016.3 to 2017.3 and a few months later decided to go to 2018.1.


          I would definitely start here:  Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2018.1 release information and useful links.


          I would develop a plan to update all installations of your agent using advanced agent and push for deployment.  Now while all older agents will communicate, none of the new features will function until you have the new agent installed.


          Aside from that, and the common backups / snapshots you should, I believe it is  a pretty standard update.  For us It took around 2-4 hours for the complete upgrade and verifying there were no problems.  As far as agents go, we are still upgrading.  i would definitely clone your existing core, to isolate it and perform a test migration to get familiar with it.

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            carlos Expert

            2018.1 it fairly new, and I think there are some bugs that were reported with it.

            Check the board for issues and if none of them affects you then go for it (RC is one that block us from upgrading)