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    Ivanti 2018.1 Bugs

    tsujared Apprentice

      I don't know where to report this as a bug, however, it is a pretty big one. So we use conditions (If/Else) to determine if software gets installed on a machine. What I have found is if you put one condition such as computer name ends in -00 or the explicit computer name the conditions work like they should. However if you put conditions to say computer name is between computer-00 and computer-50, the provisioning skips over it as if it doesn't meet the condition. It also does not work if you say computer name is greater than computer-00. so we had to create queries and set prerequisites in order to make sure only the machines licensed for the software got it.

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          bcstring SupportEmployee

          Hi Jared,


            When using operators to find bigger than or less than the provisioning template is expecting a purely numerical value, not a string value. It does not have the necessary logic to parse the string value and provide the result you are expecting. So this is not a bug it is working as designed. To change this particular behavior I recommend you create an Enhancement Request here: Enhancement Requests

            Whenever you experience a problem you believe to be a bug I recommend that you contact Ivanti Support and open a case, or contact your TRM to assist in investigating the issue and they will raise it with engineering if a bug fix is necessary.





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            tsujared Apprentice

            so then my confusion is if it is not designed to work that way, why is it even an option? these are how my conditions are set. i tried both ways. if it meets condition in installs software supposedly except it never meets any condition even when it does. bcstring




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              ggrassart Apprentice



              To solve the issue


              you can use a comparaison based on a SCRIPT

              If ( execute file)


              you create a script

              If (run script) : blabla.bat %computername%

              in your script you control your device name)

              if not return  9999 if yes return 666

              And the expected value for "true" is 666)


              my example :

              if my script return 1000 then it's a windows 10 oS



              Script example (ps1):


              $OS = (Get-ItemProperty -LiteralPath "hklm:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\" -Name "productName").Productname



              Switch ($OS)


              "Windows 7" {

              $OSnum = "7000"




              "Windows 10 Pro" {

              $OSnum = "1000"