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    Deployed Date

    JohnO Specialist

      Hi Everyone,


      What is the attribute that shows the exact deployment date of an equipment? I'm looking for a LDMS/EPM attribute that I want to add onto an asset window which will show when asset was handed over to a user.




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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          JohnO I’m not sure I can think of one in the OOTB from memory but surf the configuration item object in Object Designer and if there isn't an attribute that looks appropriate then why not just create your own attribute;  the OOTB is just a starting point after all.   


          Generally if the attribute has an underscore if front of the name (in Object Designer) means it is user created rather than system created so extremely unlikely (not at all) to have any system hard-wired functions behind the scenes.  That said if you do find an existing attribute I think you can use, I always check in an existing system whether there is any data in it (via quick sql query) as that gives me a good idea whether it is already in use somewhere.



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