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    is there a "previous assignee"?

    Mark6785 Apprentice

      We've just had a situation where an analyst has travelled some way to do a job , and in the meantime it was realised the job was for a different department , who were re assigned the job .The analyst turned up at the site to find no job to do.


      We were wondering if there is a way to notify an analyst when a job is reassigned away from them. When they stop being the "current assignee".


      Any ideas?



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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Mark6785 Given that the Assignment can only send directly to one USER and/or GROUP and/or ROLE, they to also send to a previous assignee then you’d need to follow the assignment action with a Reminder to notify the previous assignee as well.  This would mean changing your process so that the “Add Assignment” action is not an optional action but a “process” action where required; typically at every status.  At each status you’d have a mini action loop, so an “Add Assignment” manual action into an “Add Reminder” automatic action and then transition back to the status the Assignment manual action came from.


          In the reminder destined for the previous assignee I would then have a calculation on the USER field to find the previous assignee. IMHO the calc would need to deal with scenarios where it is the first assignment and maybe also where the previous assignee was null etc ( ie previously assigned to Group/Role only).


          Because I would presume you’d only want this additional email to go out when the previous assignee was a USER ( and not GROUP or ROLE) then I’d put a condition in front of the reminder too in the mini loop to only branch to this automatic action if the above assumption is correct; ie basically the same calc as on the reminder itself but returning TRUE or FALSE depending on whether the previous assignee USER field was set or null respectively.


          To do the calc, just pump the LatestAssignment object into a sorted list ( there are a few examples of this elsewhere on the community if you search) and then loop around this list and use a few variables to save value from previous loop etc such that when you get to the last (and before you overwrite the variable) you have the last value to return out of the calc.  The loop is the easiest to do but maybe you can test list size and access list[ last index - 1] too get previous etc.  Either way though you’ll need some ”IF” checking for nulls etc so hope your calc skills are OK.



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