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    Package and deploying Adobe Creative Cloud to Macs

    Fry Rookie

      G'day all,


      I'll be the first to admit I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to Macs so if you can help you may need to use small words


      I've got a couple of Macs in my environment and have been able to package and deploy various applications without any issues.


      Adobe Creative Cloud on the other hand seems to be a different beast entirely, as much as it says it's a .pkg file my windows server sees it as a folder as well as Ivanti.


      When attempting to create a package I get the following error:


      The package is indeed available at that address if you manually navigate to it. I'm presuming it's just something simple I'm missing but all the other forum posts regarding this package that I have found seem to indicate that the package should be detected like any other package and using the Adobe Packager, which is what I used, is all that is required. If I run the installer manually on a Mac all works as expected.


      Any assistance around this would be fantastic.