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    Automate Task and Request Closure

    tiago.frappa Apprentice

      I have managed to automate User Creation in AD, it goes in, does its thing, and then closes the task. However, the request doesnt move on once the task is completed. I have a precondition that checks if all tasks are at an end state, but its like it doesnt run when the task is closed by the system. If I then go in and modify the request or add a task and then close it, then the request moves on, so I know the precondition works.


      Anyone ever done this and knows how to make it work?


      If there was a way to modify the request from the task then maybe it would work, but I havent found it. My alternative right now is having a scheduled task go in and modify the request, but if I can do it without that it will be much cleaner,





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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          tiago.frappa Strange.  As far as I was aware, any change on the main object, collection or Task even would change the “last updated” attribute on the PROCESS object.  Can you confirm that when closing a task, that attribute on PROCESS (pm_process) is updated on not because if so that should be the trigger you were after.



          MarXtar Ltd

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            tiago.frappa Apprentice

            Hey Julian,


            Yes you are correct, if a change to a task is made it changes the updated time on the request, however when that change to the task is done by the system (using a manual action) it is not updating the time on the request.


            I think I will have to open a ticket for this, it could be it is ignoring the system account.




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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

              Hi Tiago,  yes that does sound strange so wise call on getting a case logged.


              Only way I can think of as a potential workaround is to create a collection in the Task Module that is linked to a web service.  Use this on an automatic action on your Task to fire a web service call to Event Manager (ie back to self) to update the main request and then let that event close the Request for



              Off the wall idea I know but I've used the concept before and it works pretty well where I've incorporated.



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