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    Second pass of HII

    DellatGGA Rookie

      Are USB 3.0 drivers the only reason that a second pass of HII is necessary during the System Configuration phase of Provisioning?  Will injecting USB 3 drivers into our WinPE boot image eliminate the need for a second pass?

      I ask because the second pass is very hit or miss.  There are times when devices completely freeze during the process, where we have to manually reboot several times to get it to complete, if it does at all.  I would say that the second pass is only successful about 75% of the time when provisioning.  It also adds about 5-10 minutes to the provisioning process and I want to eliminate it if I can.


      We are using EPM 2017.3 SU3


      Thanks in advance for any advice.


      UPDATE:  I checked Device Manager in a newly imaged laptop that did not run the second pass and all USB devices and hubs are visible.  I manually tried to update the drivers just for kicks, and Windows said that the driver software was up to date.  This leads me to believe that neither injecting the .wim with USB 3.0 drivers or the second pass is necessary.  Is this the case?

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          rmeyer SupportEmployee

          If WINPE has all of the drivers required to see all of the devices on the computer then you should not need to have a second HII action. The most common problem with this is WINPE is missing the USB 3.0 hub and controller drivers so it cannot see any USB 3.0 devices. Reference the following community article:

          How to install USB 3.0 devices during OS Provisioning

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            Robert.Bertino Apprentice

            If you're mostly on Windows 10 you really don't need USB 3.0 drivers as they are built into Windows 10.


            For Windows 7 another work around I've used to get USB 3.0 drivers to work is to assign the drivers to a random system device that exists in Win PE (I usually use "motherboard resources" and / or "PCI Bus"). Only downside to this method is you have to then assign it for every system that has USB 3.0 and Windows 7, which if you have a lot of system types it could get rather tedious.


            Fair warning though, it IS kind of working around the system, so it may not always work for everything


            Below is a screenshot of one of our Lenovo desktops. You have to enable the "Populate by selected device ID" checkbox, then go select one of the actual USB 3.0 devices. Then when you get the device to show in the list you can then go select the motherboard resources or whatever and then assign the USB 3.0 driver to that.

            You have to assign both the Root Hub and the Extensible Host Controller (for Intel chipsets these are iusb3hub.inf and iusb3xhc.inf):

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              DellatGGA Rookie

              Thank you for your reply.

              I have not yet injected any USB 3.0 drivers into the WINPE image, but the USB 3.0 hub appears as installed when I open Device Manager after deployment without the second pass.  Does this mean that we can eliminate the second pass altogether?  Is the WINPE/USB 3.0 driver issue the only reason for the second pass in the first place?


              EDIT:  Robert, thanks for your reply as well.  I was typing my response as you posted yours.  You guys are too quick. 


              Yes, all of our modern hardware runs Windows 10.  The older hardware that runs Windows 7 does not have USB 3.0 ports.

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                Robert.Bertino Apprentice



                And to answer your second question, as far as I know the second pass of HII isn't necessary. As long as your systems are picking up all of the drivers.


                I think it was mainly for if you had it run any drivers that were Setup EXE packages and not INFs

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                  DellatGGA Rookie

                  Awesome!  Thank you both for your help.  Another headache eliminated.