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    I/SR/Task notifcations - Send update when Journal added (Inc running history of journals)

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Good day!


      My users are asking to receive a notification when a Incident, Service Request or Task have a journal entry added AND that it be a running history of the journal entries.


      We created a new journal category called Work History. Work History journal entries are added in custom dialog box on the Incident, Service Request and Task forms.


      Techs would like to see a listing of these work history items on the bottom of the notifications.


      Example: (see bold text)


      Work History Update: The following Task has a new Work History entry.


      Service Request#: 18097

      Reported For: Lori C

      Location: CH - 10/10.40

      Phone #: 621234


      Detail Information

      Priority: 3

      Need By:

      Service Request#: 18097

      Service Request Subject: Other: 3E User Access - Joseph


      Task #: 53039

      Summary: Provide access to new employee

      Description: User is requesting Joseph to be provided with access to 3E


      Work History

      8/17/2018 10:00 am - Mark Larvo

      Configured user access


      8/17/2018 9:30 am - ServiceDeskTech 1

      User called Service Desk to provide their account name


      8/17/2018 8:00 am - Mark Larvo

      Left vmail for Joseph asking for his account name


      Can I use a Calculated field and do something with a ChildFold function to build out a field that only exists when it is called in a notification? Or must I use a new field that stores and concatenates each new Work History entry as it is created? I hate to store duplicate data.

      Thanks for your creative suggestions!