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    Windows 7 Official Release




      The previous thread on Windows 7 is "Locked" meaning that I can't comment there, but I have an update:


      According to ZDNet, Windows 7 will be officially release to some business customers this month.


      Since much of my frustration was due to techs telling me that it's not "official", I thought it was on point to bring this up.







      Business licensees to get final Windows 7 release in July

      http://ct.zdnet.com/clicks?t=284045775-4d09d7882dadb8b6ab0b8b460c85bc8b-bf&brand=ZDNET&s=5Business licensees to get final Windows 7 release in Julyhttp://ct.zdnet.com/clicks?t=284045775-4d09d7882dadb8b6ab0b8b460c85bc8b-bf&brand=ZDNET&s=5Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft officials have said the company expects to release Windows 7 to manufacturing before the end of this month. But they have been less forthcoming about when users will be able to get their hands on the product. Now, Microsoft has said that it plans to allow business users to get Windows 7 before the end of July.