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    Reset effectiveness rating

    jglover81 Apprentice

      We are about to implment knowledge within Self Service. While testing our article effectiveness ratings have changed.


      Is there a way to reset the effectiveness ratings in Knowledge?

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          jglover81 I presume you mean the total effectiveness score for each Article?


          if so, in SQL this should clear them as they are just a total integer value in the km_affectiveness attribute on each Article:


          update km_article

              set km_effectiveness = null

              where km_effectiveness is not null


          Note I've set them to NULL in the above example (as per OOTB initial state) but maybe you set them to zero instead if you want.


          As with any SQL then test this on a copy of your LIVE system (ie DEV or UAT) first.



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