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    Need Info to deploy WIN10 OS via UEFI

    BRajam Rookie



      Am n process of creating new Windows 10 OS image on DSM 2017.

      Until now we are using Legacy BIOS on our machines and OSD was working fine.


      Now want to deploy OS using UEFI , as some new gen machines doesnot have legacy BIOS option.


      So to deploy win10 via UEFI, what needs to be done?

         in DSM OS package?
          in WIN PE package?



      2) Also I have an issue with my current WINPE related to time zone.

          OS deployment fails if the BIOS time is different than the BLS.

          How to remove the timezone dependency in WINPE



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          derniwi Master



          I just tested some time ago deploying Windows 10 on an UEFI machine (HP Elitedesk), I had no need to change anything. Just enabling UEFI in the "BIOS" and using the same OS packages which I created before and testes with legacy BIOS mode before. So just give it a try. ;-)


          For the second problem I do not have a test machine ready for a re-installation with a wrong time set.




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            Randis Apprentice



            we had the problem some time ago. Our solution was to create a Pre OS Action Package that set the correct time in the WinPE session.

            The problem seems to be BIOS/UEFI related and occure during the time change from winter to summer time.