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    Filter request view using user type

    Robinl Rookie



      I am wondering if it is possible to filter a template (show/hide) using what type of user is accessing the request.


      I already have various filters on the request which shows/hides depending on the title, however my idea was to hide fields that only the Analysts should be able to see or fill in.


      If it's not possible to hide it, could it be possible to write protect them until the form has been saved?


      I am using 2017.1


      Thank you

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Robinl


          It sounds though you already have a dynamic window on the main Request windows.


          You could potentially then adapt the dynamic window calc to include this data as well.


          Alternatively and maybe easier to manage,  why not use window views and have different opening windows for Analysts and End Users as the view rules will take care of the user types and select the appropriate window at runtime.  Also remember in view, a different window can be defined for NEW (ie the initial form open for a new Request) versus UPDATE (the user subsequently opening a saved Request) states so that could be a potential part of the solution too.



          MarXtar Ltd

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            Robinl Rookie

            Thanks Julian,


            perfect thank you. I'm going to use your suggestion of using another Window view.


            Thanks again