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    Task completed while the batch file is still running

    fabraus Rookie

      Hello everybody.

      I manage Ivanti End Point Manager 2017.3 for a customer.

      I have a task for uninstalling three software from the customer's workstations. This task just invokes a batch file which performs three steps.

      1) uninstall the first software, then send a message to the Core Server console with sdclient.exe;

      2) uninstall the second one, then send a message to the Core Server console;

      3) uninstall the third one, then send a message to the Core Server console.

      I can say that the task is working, but it has a little strange behaviour.

      In the Scheduled Task console, I see that the task goes quickly in the Successful tab, showing Status Done and Stage Completed.

      Actually, the batch is still working; if I refresh (F5) the Scheduled Task console, I can see the messages coming from the batch (uninstalled the first software, then later uninstalled the second one, then later uninstalled the third one).

      I would expect that the task should stay in the Active tab (until the batch completes its execution), instead of going immediately in the Successful tab.

      Anybody has the same issue (and possibly a solution)?



      Fabrizio G.