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    Assigning incidents to a team in Service Manager


      My company is transitioning from Service Desk to Service Manager. Our current assignment process allows us to assign to the entire support group or to analyst. The support group field is mandatory but the analyst field is not. I would like to setup the same process in Service Manager. I have created a new status labeled Waiting for Owner Assignment. The status would only require a selection of a team and not an owner for the assignment process. The status I following the rule Required Rule for Incident.OwnerTeam (Default) and making the selection of team and owner fields required. I am needing to know if it would be best to created a new required rule for this status or add an exception to the current rule. As I am new to this application I am unsure which option would correct or how to make this change. Thank you for your help on this issue.

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          dcogny Expert

          We have that one setup already, we used the "Logged" (for Incidents and tasks) or "Submitted" (for Service Requests) statuses to get what you are looking for.

          What you need is to include the following required rule for "Owner" (by default is "Always" if I remember correctly):


          It works flicky sometimes, if someone has a request assigned they have to follow a very specific order to make sure that the system don't force them to have an "Owner", so we created a quickaction and put a "Reassign" button on the main layout:


          The QuickAction:


          That should do the trick, of course, you can use any "Status" that you deem valid.


          Hope this helps.



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            TIMOTHY PUTNAM Rookie

            I decided the take a different process. We are leaving the status as logged and assigning to the team. This does not require the owner field to be populated. The team has saved search on the dashboard that indicated all unassigned owner incident and they are receiving the assignment email. Thank you for the information. I will look at this process you have supplied. I may implement in the future if is works better than the current process.