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    Service Request workflow with multiple optional approval blocks

    wynnb Specialist

      I've been asked to create a request offering that includes multiple approvals based on what was requested, but haven't been able to make the workflow do what I need.


      Here's the scenario: the request is for test user accounts, and there are multiple environments they can request access to. Each environment has an owner, and that person or group must approve the access. Whether the requester selects one or several environments, I need the workflow to create the necessary approvals, then when those are approved, create a task. If any are denied, send a notice.


      I currently have a series of If blocks that evaluate which environments were selected; if any are 'false' it moves to the next If block; if 'true it creates an approval and moves to the next If block. The problem is that anything after the approvals (Join, Wait for Child...) appears to want an exit from all the possible approvals, not just the ones that were selected. In other words, if there are 7 total options but only 3 are selected, the Join block waits for all 7. I added a wait for child after the join that looks for approvals where "ParentLink" is not empty, and "Status" = Approved, but the workflow instance never gets there - it stops at the Join (the Validation says a Join is required).


      I also tried having each approval block's 'approved' exit go to a new task, but the result is the same - the wait for child after all the tasks wants an exit from all possible tasks, not just the ones created.


      Any of you brilliant folks have ideas about this?